All Things Chinese New Year

31 January 2016
Chinese New Year is right around the corner (February 8th!). Here are a few ideas to celebrate and learn with your class! 

Chinese New Year resources, activities, app suggestions, literacy stations, book suggestions, and chopstick ideas!

Don't Click On That!!!!!!! Tips for Getting Students Started with Online Research {FREEBIE}

10 January 2016

As a digital learning coach this year, we get lots of requests to help come into classrooms and help get kids started researching. The internet can be a big scary place, for both teachers and students, and sometimes it's hard to decide where to even start students when they want to use the internet to learn about something. 

These are a few resources I've compiled along the way, and a few tips to help get your students started on researching. 

A great website to have students start at anytime they want to search something online is KidRex.

Here's a quick description of KidRex: 
I've found that this is GREAT website for students to begin their research. I've never come across anything here that is not kid-appropriate. This is always where we start! 

Ringing in the New Year with Cotton Ball Poppers

03 January 2016
Hi everyone and Happy New Year! My wonderful friends and I over at See Mama Teach are linking up for a fun New Year's blog hop! 

We're sharing ideas and freebies to help you ease back into January (and work)! 

Welcome to stop #4! 

About two months ago, I started a TpT project- a New Year's Party Pack (kind of like my Pumpkin Party Pack and Valentine Party Pack) with all sorts of fun activities you can do with your students or your own kids to celebrate the New Year and also do some learning! 

Holiday Math Activity {FREEBIE}

13 December 2015
Happy One-Week-Before-Christmas-Break!

I know this upcoming week is going to be filled with anticipation, excitement, and crazy students....

Here's a fun game to help keep your students engaged and on track.

It's just like a memory game- students turn the cards over with a partner (or by themselves), and take turns flipping two cards over. The goal is to find two cards with the sum of 20. Click {HERE} to grab it!

Math Racers Progress Track {FREEBIE}

22 November 2015
Hi there! Hope you're having a great weekend (and Thanksgiving break if you're off this week too!)!

 Years ago I started using Math Racers in my classroom, and over the years they evolved and changed and grew to fit the needs of my students. This was one of the first things I ever shared on my TpT journey and it's been so incredibly neat to see so many teachers and students benefitting from something I created for my classroom. 

You can read my posts about the Math Racers by clicking HERE

And here's what they look like. 

iPhone Camera Tips for the Holidays

15 November 2015

Make sure to stop by See Mama Teach today! 

See Mama Teacher

 I've shared some of my quick and easy tips for taking photos this holiday season with your iPhone! I've also shared some of my favorite photo editing apps and how I use them there! So make sure to hop over and have a great week!

Google Spreadsheet Hack

18 October 2015
I've been at the Google Apps for Education Summit this weekend! 

And I just HAD to share this because I am SO excited to figure out this little trick!!!

About a month ago I did two tutorials on how to create a Google Form to collect BTS info from parents, and on some tips & tricks to help you once the info is in Spreadsheets. Now...

Watch this short 3 minute video to see how to transfer the info from a Google Spreadsheet to a Google Doc! This can come in handy when you'd like to see all of the info from one responder without having to scroll over or wrap text! 

Hope you're having a great weekend!!!

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