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Organizing Your Classroom Library Check-Out System Using Google Forms & Sheets {A Video Tutorial}

Tired of losing books from your classroom library? Have a checkout system for students that's just not working? Wish you had a quick and easy way to figure out who checked out which book and when?


Here's a great way to think about your classroom library check-out system for the upcoming school year!

Use Google Forms and Sheets to create a classroom library checkout system that works! A step by step video tutorial to get you organized for the upcoming school year!

Using Google Forms & Sheets to Organize Groups

Recently I've met with teachers to discuss the easiest way to organize groups. HA! I know that's a totally loaded topic, and there are about a million ways to organize groups in your classroom.... But here's one way to use Google Forms and Google Sheets to organize students quickly and not waste any extra unnecessary time! This is especially useful when you're working with other teachers, and students are moving in and out of your classroom! Check it out!

Huge time saver! Learn how to use Google Forms & Google Sheets for assessment data and to organize and group students!

I {HEART} Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I love Valentine's Day and it's one of my favorite holidays to celebrate at school! Last year I rounded up a few of my favorite Valentine's Day resources for the classroom! Enjoy! 
Fun Valentine's Day ideas for the classroom! Includes lots of free printables and ideas!

Punctuation Practice {With a FREEBIE}

My writing block was always, never fail, my favorite time of the day. I am all for teaching grammar and punctuation during that authentic writing time, where I'm modeling writing and students are helping/participating. We always started our block with a writing warm up, then I would model a small chunk of whatever we were working on, then students would WRITE, and I would pull my small guided writing groups or skill groups. During my model lesson, I was always able to include a punctuation "lesson" in there quickly and discreetly so students could see when and how to use punctuation in an authentic writing setting. Everyday, I would think aloud while writing, deciding which type of punctuation was appropriate and why so students could get a glimpse into what happens in a writers brain while writing.

However... Most students need even more practice with these skills, because let's face it, even some of my second graders didn't truly know the difference between an exclamation mark and a question mark.

Cotton Ball Poppers {New Years Math Game Freebie}

Happy 2017! This is sure to be a wonderful year! Just dropping by to revisit a post from last year with a freebie to help you ring in the New Year with your students when you return back to school, all while reviewing and getting back into the swing of things. 

Your students are SURE to enjoy this fun Cotton Ball Popper game that involves minimal prep on your end and they'll be begging you to play! 

Introducing QR Codes to Little Learners {A Freebie}

Have you even wanted to introduce your little learners to QR codes, but you're not sure how? 

This year, we're working on creating introductory lesson plans for all of our go-to apps, and Qrafter happens to be one of them! QR codes are wonderful for students because they get kids up and out of their seats, are a quick and easy way to get information to students, and the novelty of QR codes never really wears off!  

This is the perfect lesson to introduce primary students (1st and 2nd are ideal- this would work with 3rd and 4th as well though! Kinders may be too little to do the reading; but you could DEFINITELY make it work with big buddies or parent volunteers!) to QR codes! 

Students get practice scanning and opening QR codes. There are two sets of QR codes included. 

The first set includes QR codes with a kid-friendly and silly joke. When students scan the QR code, they'll find the answer to the joke. 

The second set includes QR codes to review rules & procedures (perfect for the beginning of the school year.... OR anytime of the year! ;). Students scan a QR code and a question about your classroom rules or procedures will pop up. Students answer the question on the recording sheet! 
Find complete teacher lesson plans, directions, helpful rescues, teacher tips, the QR codes, and recordings sheet {HERE}!

How do you introduce QR codes to your littles? I'd love to hear in the comments! 


Acceptable Use Policies for Students- Updated FREEBIE!

A loooooong time ago I wrote a blog post and shared the Acceptable Use Policy forms I used in my classroom to teach students rules and expectations for using our class iPads. You can read the post {HERE}!

***Oh my goodness! I just realized I wrote that post FOUR years ago!!!!!*** 

Needless to say, the forms were in need of a little makeover. {HERE} are new posters with updated fonts and graphics! Click the picture to download for free! 

You can use them with your students, send them home for students to go over with parents, and use them as a tool to help teach iPad (or device) rules and hold students accountable... Because we all know that without clear expectations = free for all cluster on the iPads- especially with the littles ;) 

If you're looking for editable AUPs or need them to say something else, you can find the editable set of updated AUP forms {HERE} in my TpT Store!

If you'd like me to do the work for you and create a customized AUP just for you and your class, you can find that listing {HERE}! 

If you're looking for more tech tips, tricks, and lessons, click the Tech Projects tab at the top of the page to explore! 

See you soon!