Welcome to my little blog! I'm so happy you stopped by! 

I'm a new mom to this little stud muffin:

And I've been married to my prince charming for six years. 

I've taught second grade for five years, and fourth for two years before that! I love second grade and I'm lucky enough to work alongside some amazing teachers who I get to call my friends. 

We have two corgis (I'm slightly obsessed with them...)!

Duncan, Sadie, and Abby who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year 

And we have an amazing home to call our own (which is my favorite place to be!). 

When I'm not at school (or thinking about teaching or laminating and cutting things out), 

I love to go to the beach, 

and spend time with my family!  

And a few other things I love...
polka dots & stripes
Mexican food (yum!) 
football season 
and baseball season = summer! 
my life  

Thanks again for stopping by! 


  1. I love your blog because you share your skills so generously and in such a helpful fashion. I get ideas from you even if I cannot do things just like you do. I learn organization tips, class design, management, instructional ideas, etc. A major thanks. God bless you

  2. Have you ever posted your Daily 5 rotation wheel? I would love to use that! Thanks!